• Тема: архитектура
  • Серия: archimap
  • Город: Нижний Новгород
  • Год: 2018
  • Язык: английский
  • Издательство: TATLIN
  • Форма: карта
  • Размер: 80,8 х 64,5
  • Вес: 120 гр.

Карта Нижний Новгород 1960–1980 и мини-альманах (английская версия) • ArchiMap

This architectural guide is dedicated to the legacy of Soviet modernism in Nizhny Novgorod. The 1960s–1990s were defined as this style’s conventional boundaries. The map presents 1 bicycle and 13 walking routes visiting more than 200 sites pertaining not only to architecture, but also to decorative and monumental arts. The backside of the map has images of each landmark with corresponding names, addresses, years of implementation and route point numbers. The edition contains an introductory research article.
The map also includes the almanac published specially for the exhibition “Gorky. Modernism” (Volga-Vyatka branch of the NCCA Arsenal from June to October 2018).

This map is available in two languages  Russian and English. This is English version, Russian version is here.
Карта издана на двух языках — русском и английском. Это английская версия, русская версия здесь.
author-compiler — Ira Maslova; editor — Anastasia Elizarieva; project manager — Alexander Kuritsyn; text — © Ira Maslova, Uliana Yakovleva; contemporary photos — © Ilya Bolshakov, Nikolay Vasiliev, Ira Maslova, Dima Chetyre; archive photos — © Alexander Dekhtyar, Sergey Timofeyev; design and layout — © Кukudesign: Lydia Bazayeva; art editor — Tatiana Kubenskaya; technical editor — Denis Pechersky; proofreader — Elena Akimova

The author and editors thank Alexander Dekhtyar, Nikolay Yerofeyev, Vladimir Kovalenko, Olga Orelskaya, Sergey Timofeyev for consultations and assistance in the preparation of this publication.

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